Our #Valuable Tribe

We‘re for people who are always striving striving for better. Our people are Dangerous Dreamers.

People of action who are bold enough, stubborn enough and brave enough to take a stand against the status quo.

Smart people who smell opportunity and make possible happen.

Heart people who affect change.

We are for people who are open – embracing difference, freshness and experiences.

People who are honest – they stand up for the truth. They stay strong when their values are tested.

People drawn to progress, adventure, success and participation.

People who live their life as a series of magical adventures.

People who don’t play it safe.

#valuable exists not because of one individual but through the commitment of a tribe of head-heart people who have made it happen. Our tribe are companies and individuals that have given their money, their minds, their support, their expertise, their time and their love to make it happen.

They are people who have taken a risk, given their all and to whom we will be forever grateful. So often people dream of making things happen, these are the people who made it happen. They are #valuable’s greatest currency – they are true dangerous dreamers.

For their financial support and belief:

  • Reid Hoffman
  • The Gordon Gund Foundation
  • Gar Holohan
  • Fossil Group
  • Channel 4
  • Telefonica
  • Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE
  • Sir Steven Wilkinson
  • Michael Caulfield
  • Derek Fahy
  • Paul Gately
  • Mark Cheng
  • Maurits Schouten
  • Valerie Casey
  • Ian and Victoria Watson
  • Bill Mitchell
  • Doreen McInerney
  • Fiona Mullan
  • Niamh Grogan
  • Joe Macrae
  • Isabelle Hayen

For their expertise and unmatched commitment and kindness:

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