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Very exciting to hear about the #valuable project! The Australian Network on Disability works with employers, Government representatives and industry bodies to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business and is keen to be involved in this global conversation.
Suzanne Colbert CEO Australian Network on Disability  @Suzanne_Colbert  @ANDisability

I am excited to learn of the #valuable initiative and happy to join this important conversation which is long overdue.
Cindy Montgomery, CEO Teachability

#valuable sounds amazing! Disability Inclusion is still building on a global level but we are definitely seeing momentum from global brands. I look forward to being a part of #valuable to help drive greater inclusion on a global scale.
Meg O’Connell, CEO & Founder Global Disability Inclusion @GlobalDisabilit

Very excited to hear about #valuable and keen to help in any way that I can!!  I firmly believe that the only way that we will get employment rates of people with disabilities to the same level as employment rates for those without disabilities is by ensuring that people with disability can demonstrate their value, especially in employment. #valuable offers a great way to facilitate this.
Deb Russell President, Deb Russell Inc  @debrussellinc

Good luck with your new endeavour #valuable.  Many efforts are being made on disability inclusion, but there is still so much work to do in all countries.  Bottom line Persons with Disabilities are not being meaningfully included in most countries and workforces, so I applaud your efforts to add to the current conversations. It will take all of us to make this happen. I believe the world works better when we are all included and I wish you great success.
Debra Ruh, CEO Ruh Global Communications @debraruh @RuhGlobal 

#valuable is really exciting. I am happy to help get this conversation going in anyway. I can. This campaign is so critical to highlighting disability inclusion on the global stage.
James Emmett, Corporate Disability Consultant, The Workplace Initiative

Congratulations on launching the #valuable global disability inclusion campaign. Dialogue Experience is a social enterprise in Hong Kong which provides disability inclusion solutions. We are very interested in participating in this initiative and we look forward to growing our collaboration.
Cora Chu, CEO Dialogue Experience @dialogue_exp

Business Disability International is delighted to join the #valuable conversation. Time and time again we have seen the positive results for business and disabled people when organisations implement inclusive strategies and we fully support this call to business to put disability on the boardroom agenda.
Susan Scott-Parker OBE, CEO and Founder, Business Disability International @bizdisint

I strongly believe in and support the #valuable movement as I think Dis Ability and business makes sense simply because it is an opportunity to bring to your workforce people with great potential, different perspectives and skillsets that will add value to your company. Now is the time to shift from philanthropy, superheroes and CSR to an asset-for-business model that increases diversity and changes culture by including people with human potential. We must not forget that the IDENTITY of a person with a Dis Ability is not the disability itself; it is only a characteristic and part of their story. So, let’s see past the label and connect with the person.
Gina Badenoch, Founder Ojos que Sienten and Capaxia @BadenochGina

PurpleSpace is delighted to see Caroline Casey continuing to lead the march with global businesses. We encourage disabled employee networks and resources groups across the globe to engage with the #valuable debate, post their own #purpletalk stories as part of the campaign and together create fresh ways of putting disability on the boardroom agenda.
Kate Nash OBE, CEO PurpleSpace @KateNashOBE @mypurplespace

Treating disabled people fairly means treating everyone fairly. It means building businesses and societies that are open and inclusive. This more than just the right thing to do – it makes very sound sense for organisations, leaders and economies. The voices, talents, and power of one billion disabled people can no longer be ignored by businesses or governments, and nor can the huge benefits that come from working in an inclusive way.
Diane Lightfoot, CEO, Business Disability Forum @DisabilitySmart @DianeLightfoot

Excited about #valuable campaign, keen to have local conversations on #disability with businesses in Kenya.
Lizzie Kiama, Disability Inclusion Professional, This-Ability Consulting @LizzieKiama

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