The Crazy Truth

Humanity is largely missing out on the VALUE of one billion people living with a disability.

Key Fact

People with disabilities are:

  • 50% less likely to have job (WHO)
  • Two times more likely to be living in poverty (Equality and Human Rights Commission)
  • Three times more likely to have no qualifications than a person without a disability. (Equality and Human Rights Commission)
  • 1 billion people with a disability is the equivalent to disregarding a potential market the size of US, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan – combined – a market worth US$8 trillion globally when you combine family and friends


Business. The route to a truly inclusive world is through the creation of truly inclusive business.

If business values people with a disability equally across their full value chain then society will too.

We are #Valuable. We exist…

…to spark a global revolution of inclusion that puts disability equally on the business agenda.


Every person is equally unique and valuable.


To recruit and galvanize a group of Dangerous Dreamers: a small, ferocious tribe of committed pioneers, influencers and inventors to commit to creating the new world order where people with a disability are valued equally. These Dangerous Dreamers will navigate the terrain. Through their stories of success and failure they will bring others in, putting disability on the business agenda.


Next Gen influencers with passion and purpose to force the new world order. Business leaders with clout and commitment to lead the new world order.

Five Actions:

  1. We Ignite a new world order where people with a disability are valued equally.
  2. We Mobilize Next Gen to Influence business to value people with a disability equally.
  3. We Recruit the global leaders who will stand for the one billion people with a disability.
  4. We Galvanize Influential Pioneers to Commit to bringing their business on this journey.
  5. We Recognize the achievements, leaders and campaigns already accomplished to prove the need and opportunity to build unstoppable momentum


Disability is equally represented on the global business agenda. A group of business leaders and Next Gen influencers co-creating solutions to build a world where people with a disability are valued equally.

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