Friday Fun – #BornThisWay

Today is a massive day for the #valuable campaign as Caroline takes the main stage at the One Young World Annual Summit in Bogotá to talk about inclusion in business and call on the young delegates and business leaders to put disability equally on the board agenda.

We want to share our call out here too with a song by Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”. This version is in American Sign Language (ASL) and was produced by the staff of the British Columbia School for the Deaf

We are all beautiful in our way

We are all on the right track

We were all born this way

Thanks a billion to every single person that has supported the #valuable campaign from our investors, to our team and partners, to our friends and family, to those who have followed our adventures on social media.

You are all part of the @valuabletribe

You are all Dangerous Dreamers and we could have done nothing without you

We are all different – in whatever way we were born or are shaped by life. We all deserve to be valued and treated equally – by business and by society.

The world is a better place when everyone is included

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