Creating awareness and safe spaces at work

Sebastian is an IT professional experienced in the agri-finance industry. He has a strong passion for diversity, inclusion and standing up for a good cause.

I’m very proud to be selected as one of the 10 inspirational young #valuable ambassadors and I would like to use this blog article to share insights on my connection to disability in business and why I wanted to be an ambassador for the #valuable programme.

First, I want to shed some light on my background: I’m a 29 year old IT professional, living in Germany and commuting to Luxembourg for work every day. I’m also a founding member of the Social Committee, my employer’s local Corporate Social Responsibility council, where I have been heavily involved in the development of a volunteer policy, as well as the rollout of volunteer programmes in close collaboration with local organizations and authorities.

I’m very passionate about inclusion and a big supporter of diversity, which is one of the reasons the #valuable programme caught my attention. But the main motive – which made it a lifeblood matter for me – is my personal experience with disability in business.

I have a stammering affliction since childhood – which is considered a disability in nearly all countries. For most people, dealing with a person that has a disability is uncomfortable. In my case, stammering often causes discomfort and embarrassment with conversation partners. Furthermore, as it is an “invisible” disability, people often don’t understand what’s wrong with you and give you a questioning look.

I’ve learnt that giving people a heads-up on my affliction and assuring them that there is no need to be uncomfortable often helps tremendously. It really eases the atmosphere and allows people to come back to work-related aspects.

My vision for the future is that we have created awareness and safe spaces at work through this programme, which will allow individuals to apply themselves in their profession – regardless of their disability.

If you feel you can contribute to our revolution that puts disability equally on the business agenda then join our tribe on: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to follow Seb you can find his Twitter account here: @boe_seb

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