Blaze The Trail: The 1000km journey

Blaze the Trail demonstrates our passion to do things differently to challenge the status quo. On 4th September, Caroline will embark on a challenging month-long 1,000-kilometer horse adventure through Colombia to raise awareness of the #Valuable campaign. She’ll arrive at the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit on 4th October where #valuable will challenge the 1300 next generation leaders to use their influence and passion as consumers and employees to drive change in their companies. On October 6th, with #valuable partners, Caroline  will take to the main stage and make a global call to action to business leaders and companies around the world.

Blaze the Trail is a quest to imagine and explore new ways of thinking, build on what has already been achieved; identifying further solutions and discovering what is possible together.

It is journey about gathering stories, and challenging frontiers. With man’s greatest parter in exploration – the horse – “Blaze The Trial ”  is also a metaphor for our childhood dreams – when we hadn’t let learnt what  “impossible’ meant.

It is a journey that reminds us of our individual ambitions, a desire to be seen and accepted fully as who really are, our right to belong and our collective hope for a better world.

Caroline will pass through the following locations during her expedition, should you want to join this democratic adventure:

  • Cartagena – 4th September
  • Mompox – 6th September
  • Acuarela – 14th September
  • Vila de Leyva – 24th September
  • Bogota (One Young World Summit – 4th October)
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  1. Ishita Mishra September 3, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Hii! I’m Ishita, I’m in India. I’m a competitive horse back rider.
    Is there a way I can join this trek or a future trek?
    I’m very keen!


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